Frutinieves Pialli helados de crema de leche

Packaged in their natural shell


Frutinieves pialli born in 1998 as a factory for fruit ice creams in the city of Zapopan Jalisco as a result of the growing trend towards consumption of fresh natural products and high quality pastries.

Therefore packaged natural products created in its own shell and high quality handmade products.

Our name comes from the Nahuatl pialli which means I will remember fondly and our logo is a Nahuatl codex that means fruit tree or fruit orchard. Taking hence our deepest roots.


Ice cream exquisite variety, mix of imagination art and good taste, variety that gives this rich land.
Ice cream made entirely by hand, resulting in a unique natural product since its exquisite flavor comes from its own pulp resulting in a unique flavor.
The raw material used for the production is of the highest quality as whole milk, sweet cream, buttermilk refined sugar etc. Resulting in ice cream, textured and great body.


These products are the result of the continuing search for desserts with great Mexican flair adding to our quality fine culture of mud that has our rich Mexican soil.

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In Frutinieves Pialli We are committed to developing products with natural and traditional character of high quality. We create a range of products with high quality, developing natural products packaged in its own shell and / or completely different handicrafts.


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